KJ-Bastl unterwegs 02.07.2013

The decision is taken, I’m off to Chad on 2nd July 2013. I leave Austria from Graz for briefings in Amsterdam, travelling on to N’Jamena soon after. Curiosity and the urge to learn and to gain experience drives me out of the cosy nest in Austria.
My assumption is that this wasteful cosiness in our western civilisations might be over -sooner or later – and the better connection to earth, wind, fire and in my case certainly water can be established, the better one will cope with the change that lies in the air. Hence I want to strengthen my connection with the basics. I know I will be able to do that in Chad and I hope that by doing that I will make a change for some people I will meet there.
I plan to write about my progress, not so much about the things I do but the things I think. I certainly look forward to do that. If there is no news from my side for a while, there might be several reasons. Internet connection is an obvious point but mind that the effort to clear and free my head from the routines will also take time.
What will remain during my absence is that I will miss my dear E. Another assumption holds against that no distance can separate our love and we will remain as close as never before.
Remains to be said that I will miss my family and all of my friends. I plan to greet from you all the people I will meet. Returning home early next year, you will probably have a lot of good wishes to receive.
I will carry them all in my heart …


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Eine Antwort zu KJ-Bastl unterwegs 02.07.2013

  1. winnieleeb schreibt:

    Hey KJ!
    Wünsch dir alles, alles Gute bei der Suche und der Mission.
    Werde mitlesen – danke fürs Teilen.
    Lg, Winnie (+Michi&Sofia)

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